Accept Online Memberships

Let your members sign-up online using a credit card or online payment account

We provide the storefront pages to let your members sign-up
You manage your PayPal or Stripe account for them to pay

Easy Direct Donations

Supporters are likely to give and give more online

Make it easy for your supported to donate directly to your Paypal or Stripe account
And, provide them with an instant receipt via email

Sell More BBQ and Raffle Tickets

Avoid the Overhead (and Hassle) of managing paper tickets

You have more important things to do that print, distribute, manage paper tickets
Let your supporters quickly donate to your fundraising event from their home
while you watch sales come in form your home

Online Giving Increased in 2016

Overall charitable giving up 1% in 2016
And online giving is up 7.9%

How PSU Works

Discover how Please Support Us can get your group’s fundraising events online fast

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Subscription Options

Starting at $3.75/month (we also have $5 and $10 per month plans), Please Support Us can get your fundraising event online and live in a day.

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