About PSU

I have been supporting child-based non-profit organizations for about 18 years. I joined PTA, attended school-site council meetings, and purchased a variety of fundraising items and raffle tickets

For the last 9 years I have been on the governing boards of these same non-profit groups and sat on a school board for 1 year

About a year ago I began building web sites and services to help get local businesses online. The focus was to help companies sell items in the growing online space

The Problem

While attending a PTA planning meeting for the coming year, I realized that a huge challenge for non-profit with tight budgets is cost-effective online sales. The entry cost can be prohibitive for small groups. And giving 20%, 30% or even 50% of your profits to company to run your event is hard to justify

Also, organizations don’t normally have a technical resource to help setup and run online services

The Realization

I realized that I can create shared web service that caters to small groups that hold a couple of fundraising events per year. This will keep costs low and make it easy for supporters to support their groups

Common services for webpages, online forms, and payments services make simple fundraising sites easy to manage

Using online financial service (like PayPal), the group’s supporters can rest assured their information is safe

The Solution

I created Please Support Us to provide quick and easy online fundraising a reality for small groups, who don’t have time or resources to set up a complex storefront service

The group provides the associated information and we create an easy-to-us page and order form online and a web address supporters can remember

I understand the financial difficulties that children’s non-profit groups face, and I understand the fiduciary duties of those groups. My hope is that this site will help any group move online with the steep learning curve and the up-front costs

I’ve managed raffle ticket sales, and tried to get student to sell and return money
I’ve reminded parents a dozen times to check their kid’s backpack for membership envelope
I’ve make sent out donation letters upon donation letters upon donation letters.
And I wish something like this was available to me back then

Please Support Us is here to help you meet your fundraising goals and giving you a little more time to focus on your mission

-Mark Kozel
Founder, Kozel Web Services
Creator, Please Support Us