Here are some questions we get about our service


fundraiser – In this FAQ, this is a general term that means any unique drive your organization is running. This can be membership signups, direct donation drive, raffle ticket sales, etc
subscription – This is both the 1-year time-frame of your PSU purchase -and- the options (Single, Online, Full Website) you selected
up – the time your fundraising event is available for your to supporters

How Long is my Fundraiser Active on PSU?

Your organization’s event/events are on your storefront for the entire year of your subscription.
If you have the Single Fundraiser subscription, you will have that event up for the year. If you have Online Fundraising subscription, then up to 4 events will be up for the year

Can I Change a Fundraising Event During My Subscription?

Yes, you can end an event and replace it with a different event. This will be considered 1 event towards your subscription
Please keep in mind, PSU does not charge setup of new events. This is great news for your organization, but subscribing to a Single Fundraising subscription and replacing events frequently will likely cause slower turn-around times on getting your new event up.

Can I Upgrade Later?

Absolutely! If you need to add other fundraising event to your Single Fundraising Plan…or are ready to jump to a full-blown website
We will just add in the difference between your current and upgraded subscription for the reminder of the subscription term

Example: Upgrade your Single Fundraiser plan to Online Fundraising plan with 6 month left in your subscription

Already Paid:              $45.00
Upgrade Cost :($60 - $45)  $15.00
Amount Owed for UpgradeĀ    $ 7.50 (Upgrade Cost / 2 for remaining 6 months)

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