Please Support Us provides an easy and quick way to get your fundraising events online

For a few dollars per month, PSU takes the technical part of online fundraising off your plate so you can focus on marketing and benefiting from your work.

You provide the fundraising information and a PayPal account email address, and we will do the rest

  • We will create a storefront using your group’s name (example:
  • We create a Fundraising Event page with details, images, products, prices, disclaimers, and a purchase form. The form connects to your group’s PayPal account for payment processing
  • Your page will send the supported an email receipt and your fundraising admin an notification for each purchase
  • Each purchase can be linked to a live Google Spreadsheet for real-time monitoring for activities

We do not receive or process your supporter’s personal or financial information. PayPal is used to ensure safety and security with your supporter’s information

We maintain updated systems and add-on tools to ensure the highest level of computer security for you and your supporters

Storefronts are maintained on online servers to ensure maximum up time, security, and availability

Subscriptions are billed yearly and due at time of subscription signup

We strive to have your new fundraising event up and running in 24 hours. This may be longer if the event online requirements are numerous and/or complicated

Prepare for Online Fundraising

Gather together information pertaining to your fundraiser
Title, Description, Images, Items/Prices, etc
Fundraising Checklist

1. Verify or Create a Paypal account

PayPal for Non-Profits
Signup for Personal and Business account

2. Signup for a PSU Service

Select the subscription that is right for your group
          Plans and Prices
Sign up for subscription and pay online
Sign up for Service

How PSU Sets Up Your Event

1. Create a Storefront for Your Group

If you already have a PSU Storefront, this step is skipped

2. Create new Fundraising Event Page

Use Title, Description, and images to make a custom page for your supports to see when they visit you storefront
Add form to gather supporter information and allow them to select items
Link form to your PayPal account

3. Setup email notification for each purchase

Supporters can receive email verification of their purchase and receipt for tax records
Fundraiser admin can receive full purchase information

4. Purchase events updated on Spreadsheet

Fundraiser Admin can review each purchase on automatically updated Google Spreadsheet

Monitor Event

1. Track purchases

Monitor emails and spreadsheet to track purchases
Transfer purchase information into your group’s records

2. Transfer funds from PayPal

Move fundraising event funds into your bank during and after event completes

Close Fundraising Event

If event has an end date, notify PSU to take event offline